The Willink School

School Lane
Burghfield Common
Berkshire RG7 3XJ
Additional details:
Required Skirts & Trousers are available on the main M&S Schoolwear page (use link above or click on the icon at the end of this transaction).

2 Pack Boys' Flat Front Supercrease™ Trousers with Stormwear+™ - Product Code: T763616 - Grey
Boys' Pleat Front Supercrease™ & Stormwear™ & Adjustable Hem - Product Code: T764620G - Grey /Charcoal
•Please see - T764622G Boys' Pleat Front Trousers with Supercrease™ in Shorter & Longer Lengths with Stormwear+™
Striped Football Shorts - Product Code: T763232 - Navy

Girls' Traditional Skirt with Permanent Pleats and Stormwear+™ - Product Code: T760117 - Navy
• Please see T760170P for this style in Plus Fit, T763713 for this style in Slim Fit & T763982 for this style in extra length
2 Pack Girls' Outstanding Value Bootleg Trousers with Stormwear+™ - Product Code: T761285 - Grey/Navy